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Sbardella Arms, Inc. is a small shop in West Haven VT making custom 1911 handguns.  We began our journey machining precision parts for the aerospace industry, and now use the same equipment and techniques to manufacture high quality pistols.  We combine tight tolerance machining and traditional hand fitting to produce handguns for sport, duty, and self-defense.  Building a beautiful gun that will last for tens of thousands of rounds starts with the finest components.  Our slides and frames are machined from forgings for extreme durability.  All other critical components are machined from forgings or bar stock.  Many companies use Cast or MIM parts, which are less expensive and easier to finish and install, but not us.  These are not production guns.  They are custom, hand-built firearms.  We finish our guns using the traditional hot salt bluing process which leaves a beautiful dark luster.

We are initially offering guns chambered in the traditional 45 ACP (as John Browning intended).  Below is a list of our standard models and custom options.  If you would like a custom option not on this list (sight style, grips, checkering etc.) feel free to reach out to us for availability. 

American Made Steel

Machined From forgings

Precision handwork + Gunsmithing for quality


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Sbardella Arms, Inc.

758 Best Rd

West Haven, VT 05743

Tel: 802-265-3555

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