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To order a custom Sbardella Arms firearm, you must fill out an order sheet detailing the custom options you desire. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is due at the time of order. Upon completion of the gun, you will be contacted to pay the remaining balance (+ applicable tax and/or CC fee) before the gun is shipped or picked up.


We at Sbardella Arms Inc understand the importance of your custom firearm being built just the way you envisioned, but in the effort of manufacturing as quickly as possible changes will only be considered for 3 days after accepting the initial deposit. Any changes requested after the first 3 days are not guaranteed and will be subject to a $100 fee per change request.


Once your custom firearm is complete, you will be notified to provide FFL information and payment of remaining balance. Upon notice of completion payment must be submitted within 90 days. If payment is not received within the 90 days, the firearm is considered an abandoned order. Abandoned orders forfeit any deposits made and the firearm is also made available to purchase by other customers.


Due to the complexities of complying with the Federal warranty law, Sbardella Arms, Inc. has elected not to offer a written warranty. We continue to stand behind our products and services, but we cannot make guarantees or warranties of any kind.  If for any reason you are unhappy with your Sbardella Arms product or service, please contact us at or call (802) 265-3555


Sbardella Arms Inc does not retain any payment information collected from our customers, all information collected during a transaction is securely processed and not released to other merchants, vendors, or individuals.  By signing up for our newsletter you provide us with your email which is not shared with any other entity and is only for the sole purpose of Sbardella Arms Inc providing you with updates regarding our company. If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please email


  • Sbardella Arms Inc. expressly disclaims any liability of incidental or consequential damages from the use of our products.

  • Sbardella Arms Inc. is not responsible for the misuse or neglectful damage that may occur from the use of our products.

  • Sbardella Arms Inc. recommends that our firearm parts be installed by a qualified gunsmith. Thus we are not responsible for improperly installed parts.

  • Sbardella Arms Inc. has the right to decline any repairs if the  firearm has been worked on by another gunsmith or entity.

  • Sbardella Arms Inc. Firearms are inteded for use with high quality brass cased, standard pressure ammunition. We do not recommend using aluminum or steel cased ammunition.

  • Sbardella Arms Inc. is not responsible for injuries or damages caused by the use of cheap or improperly loaded ammunition in our firearms.

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